Why is everyone dying?child grieving




The celebrities; those we admire, those we look up to for inspiration, innovation, out of the box behaviour and creative vision appear to be leaving us in droves.


Because we are being groomed to take their places. No longer do we need to be rich or powerful or hold an audience of 1000’s to make necessary changes.

In recent years celebrities have been using their position to be visionary activists. They have used their stage presence to bring generosity and consciousness to aspects of our existence that needed their status. They have literally held light and lightness for us all. Comedians with their ability to make us laugh have kept us light. Actors and writers with their storytelling and make believe, have held the Light by giving us visual and penned new realities. Musicians and songwriters have kept us sane and singing in times of darkness and despair. They have kept our imaginations alive, our frequencies high.  They have uplifted and so many times, not left us to die.

Sometimes our relationships with these accoladed entities have felt more meaningful to us that those we share blood with. Our fixations on them have often been booed off stage because they are not considered ‘real’ people. Their ‘realities’ have been blacklisted as ridiculous fantasy, but secretly, subversively we’ve always wanted some of what they have had; that magic elixir of apparent self-empowerment, of supreme self-actualisation.

As these visionaries leave us for another plane, they are merely passing the baton to us;  yes to us, the seemingly, lowly, average dude who walks the streets of mundane, normalcy, who brings home the bacon, or raises a family.

As they pass over we hear their inner stories, their deeper truths., their disguised motivations.   We learn of their mortality, their hopes and fears, their true wants and needs which are seldom different to ours. We realise, they don’t have some special edge on you or I, the only thing we learn, is that they dared to dream and dream they did, often REALLY big.  So big in fact we viewed them less human, we gave them at times godly status.


They were forerunners, the lamp- lighters who have shown us that it is perfectly possible to be god in a bod.  They are the bridge that connects us to our innate divinity.  We too are gods.  We just don’t know it.

Our admiration lies in their often abject, defiance of their roots, their prescribed and pre-ordained ‘realities’ Many of them were perfect examples of creating new lives, fresh experiences that had so little to do with their initial blueprints.


This is what they taught us. This is how they served us. They were our training wheels, our mentors. They showed us visions we could not have conjured up ourselves.

WE are the new celebrities. The New Paradigm needs ALL of us, not just a validated few. We thank them for their presence. We applaud their talents. We continue to live in awe of how they brought the Light to many things.

Now it is our turn to take centre stage in small (or big) but meaningful ways. It is time to see our lives, our choices, as millions of podiums, thousands of quiet soapboxes from where we grab the baton or the mike and keep on running, moving, singing, swaying, making, talking, living creating, where those we regale, left off.

It is time. It is time to become our own stars. Time to build our own UNI-verses according to the World of We, through the He and the She; the You and the Me.

Enter stage left dear one. The New Realities await.  You will be, if you choose, in the final credits.

enter stage left

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  1. Nereus says:

    omg .. such an interesting and insightful perspective & of course beautifully written for me to read it all (!) and be enriched and en-light-ened by your thoughts, words and style and be inspired by you!!

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