UMBILIKIDS: Young Hearts Leading The Way

Here’s to our Way Showers!  Let them be the Light!  Let them lead the way!

Click on the pictures below to view video footage of children and young people who are showing us the way forward in the emergent New Consciousness.


If you know a young Way Shower or are one and have something cool to share, contact me at


  • Meet Hannah Herbst, the enthusiastic and inspirational 15 year old inventor. Hannah developed a $12 machine that converts ocean currents into usable energy.  The device made from a 3D printed propellor, a probe, a small pulley and a hydro-electric generator can provide enough electricity to power a small desalination device which will convert sea to drinking water. Her inspiration for this device came from learning about living conditions in less developed countries.  Hannah had a Pen Pal  who shared with her the problems faced in her home country Ethiopia. This spurred Hannah on to find an easy and cheap but scientifically viable solution. She’s one of these special kids around today who are wired to find solutions to major world problems that […]
  • There is this common perception that children have a lot to learn; that we as adults are more knowledgeable and well versed in worldly matters.  I remember a few years ago a friend asked one of my sons a question.  Without waiting for the answer he blithely blurted out to my son, “Oh you won’t know I guess, because you are still stupid!” The assumption that wisdom comes with age is flawed.  Children often see things as they are.  They are real truth tellers.  The younger they are, the less entangled they are in the game of  tailoring emotions and expression to the needs of others. This young girl articulates her truth, her heart, so beautifully it’s almost painful.  The work of […]
  • Meet Boyan Slat, 19 when he came up with an idea to rid our over polluted oceans from plastic.  Fired up by the enthusiasm and call of youth he pulled together a team to work on an idea he had that would filter out plastic from the sea whilst leaving all wild life unharmed. He is now recognised as one of the most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in the World. Be inspired. To learn more about him check out his TEDx Talk @
  • These guys may not fall into the strict category of children but Umbilikids is not ageist!  These two  20 year old young men are of the new generation who, contrary to popular belief, care.  It’s clear that their perspective must have been gestating for years.  The desire to help others less fortunate does not happen overnight.  Nic and Lucas have had big Heart for a very long time. Watch the video to learn more about how these young Way Showers are giving hope to the homeless, helping eliminate the debilitating sense of shame that many homeless people endure and providing connection and love to those less fortunate.
  • Jake has a passion to bring to light the beauty he sees in Mathematics.  Diagnosed with Autism he provides a special example of how we are being asked to change what we consider norms for children.        
  • Our relationship with money is undergoing radical change.  Our economic system is fast losing its sell-by-date.  These are times of increasing transparency which will facilitate the birth of a new economic order that needs to be cut from cloth that carries more integrity and equality for all. This young girl shares some truths about the banking system that many adults are oblivious too.