UMBILIKIDS: Young Hearts Leading The Way

Here’s to our Way Showers!  Let them be the Light!  Let them lead the way!

Click on the pictures below to view video footage of children and young people who are showing us the way forward in the emergent New Consciousness.


If you know a young Way Shower or are one and have something cool to share, contact me at


  • Thirteen year old Max has some noble ambitions. He gets that free energy means power  and freedom for all of us.  Inspired by the likes of Tesla and Einstein, he says: “As cheesy as it sounds, I knew from day one that I was put on this planet for a reason and the reason is to invent, to bring the future. TO make the world a better place, to give the world what it doesn’t have to struggle.” Max’s true goal is to help to invent a future where people can be happy and safe. Don’t you love how these young ‘uns seem to have their integrity and hearts wide open?
  • Meet Khloe a 9 year old girl who is inspired to help homeless women feel more human. Conditioning makes us fear those who appear less able. Khloe teaches us, through her open heartedness, that it is our natural instinct to want to help.
  • Meet 14 year old Santiago. He’s fluent in a dozen different coding languages and has created 15 Apps.  He even dreams code, solving many programming problems whilst asleep. To Santiago, learning is as essential as eating and believes strongly in writing ‘beautiful code, like you would write a poem. He’s the typical Old Soul who seems to be out of step with his age; old but also so young in many ways. Santiago was clearly born at the right time in history.
  • Meet Torrae.  She’s 10 years old and this is her motto. “You don’t have to do something big to change the World!” Check out her simple $35 invention of a 3D printed hand for kids who don’t have fingers.  This is their Super Hero hand! When asked what Super Power she’d like she simply (and oh so wisely) said: “I don’t need a Super Power because I have the power of imagination and the power of thoughts!” Now that’s not 3D thinking, its at least 5D thinking.
  • Meet Akash the little genius. He’s been a master speller since he was one and a half and clearly has other talents that are supposedly unusual for a child his age. The children of today are different because the consciousness has already changed. There is more wisdom, and almost automatic access to innate knowledge that took years for previous generations to acquire through education and experience. I find it quite telling that this young man’s name is Akash.  In spiritual terms the word Akash refers to the totality of experience each one of us has had on this planet Earth over all our lifetimes.  It is said to represent mystical knowledge that is embedded in all of us.  As the consciousness has […]