UMBILIKIDS: Young Hearts Leading The Way

Here’s to our Way Showers!  Let them be the Light!  Let them lead the way!

Click on the pictures below to view video footage of children and young people who are showing us the way forward in the emergent New Consciousness.


If you know a young Way Shower or are one and have something cool to share, contact me at


  • Meet Akash the little genius. He’s been a master speller since he was one and a half and clearly has other talents that are supposedly unusual for a child his age. The children of today are different because the consciousness has already changed. There is more wisdom, and almost automatic access to innate knowledge that took years for previous generations to acquire through education and experience. I find it quite telling that this young man’s name is Akash.  In spiritual terms the word Akash refers to the totality of experience each one of us has had on this planet Earth over all our lifetimes.  It is said to represent mystical knowledge that is embedded in all of us.  As the consciousness has […]
  • Check this little rock chick out!  Isn’t she awesome?  Can you see how well matched she is to her vibrational blueprint?  The little ones coming in these days are streaks ahead of us oldies who have spent a lifetime struggling to find ourselves.  Yes, we’ve helped them keep their energies, minds, souls and hearts clear and connected to their Source but they are wowing us, day by day in every way with their supreme alignment with who they ARE and the joy and fun they bring. Rock on you Star Seed!
  • Two things strike a chord here.  Two things for us to embrace and learn from this genius ‘teacher’. 1. Here is a delightful 5 year old who is ridiculously gifted when it comes to numbers.  His skill is beyond remarkable; it’s more than mind blowing.  There is nothing ‘learned’ here, he incarnated with this knowledge fully in tact.  He teaches us here on Earth rather than the other way around. 2. His absolute excitement with himself and his ability.  So fresh and clear in the love for himself.  His innocence and glee in himself just as he is, is the lesson, is a big part of the enchantment. His ‘Ka”– the god spark of his true spirit shines through. We love Luis!
  • The internet and TV are littered with them.  Young children and teenagers with exquisite and strangely mature voices. What’s going on?! Some performances seem literally ‘out of this World.’  Their talent and composure often appears to defy normal logic and our perception of regular childhood milestones. These are children of this new Age; an era where regular linear timelines are becoming obsolete.  These kids seem to arrive here with big voices, big ideas and incredibly big hearts already in place. They are showing us new ‘realities’, new ways of BE-ing through their incredible and awe inspiring gifts. Watch Solomia (what a beautiful name!) sing from her heart.  Witness the signs that we are moving into a Golden Age.  Yes, it’s here!
  • Meet Tysen a little boy with problems of his own who simply wants to change the World. In spite of his own severe health challenges Tysen’s mission was to raise a million dollars to give other children the chance of an improved life. Children powerless? Victims? Less able than adults? I don’t think so! Selfless love and service in motion.  A true uplifter to the core. In his words- “Dream big or go home!”