Trump or Hilary? The politics of parenting a New Reality. Who do you want to midwife in a new reality? Who do you want to parent our future?

Trump or Hilary? The politics of parenting a New Reality. Who do you want to midwife in a new reality? Who do you want to parent our future?

This may sound counter intuitive but we need to thank  Trump. Yes. Thank him!

His attitudes and views are bringing into the light the overt and latent hidden misogyny and sexism that is held by a large unconscious collective of all genders.
We are going through a rapid phase of evolution. ‘The- boys- will- be- boys, it’s- only- just- a -bit- of- fun’ line is really getting a going over for us to wake up to some ugly truths apparent out there but also hidden in the depths our own conditioned psyches.

Through our outrage and disgust towards Trump we are finally identifying all covert attitudes within society, finally seeing the wood for the trees. Trump in his blatant buffoonery is single handedly bringing patriarchy to its knees.

Unbelievable though it may seem,what is happening in US politics is the revelation of our own individual and collective shadow side.
Hilary, too is not exempt; no angel. The uncovering of her history and agendas, also bring to light the matrix of subversive control that is deeply woven into our ‘system’ of governance and uncannily accepted all too easily by us. There are as many ugly truths available to us here through her candidacy too.

People are worried that Trump will start WW3 on a Tweet but WW3 is already in process and has been for decades: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria etc  It’s a WW that is covert, wrapped up in the pretty paper of  a mission 16eb62d5fdd9f0432dab8e5582bc09acof ‘salvation’, disguised by the moustache and dark glasses of spreading democracy.

Governments essentially take on the responsibility of ‘parenting’ our society. They supposedly guide, nurture and act in our best interests. In an ideal democratic sense they are supposed to represent and act on the values we hold most dear.

Both these candidates don’t serve the birth of the New Reality that is being called forth.

What they do offer though, is illumination and wake up calls. This is always the precursor to building new paradigms. It is the consciousness of the Collective that embed new deisred realities not external political individuals. What we get ‘out there’ is a mere hologram of what is going on ‘in here’, in our unconscious.
Governance of a country should be an act of selfless service but it is clear as mud now that old ways of doing business have and were always self serving, embedded in old interpretations of gaining power, power that was believed to be gained by competition over collaboration.
Neither of these ‘energies’; Trump nor Hilary warrant the status of ‘great parent’.
So what do we do? Stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea right?

Here’s how.

The adult child (yes, that is us) must take on certain responsibilities. The most empowering one is for us to take on more self governance.  Time to get mature folks!

Until we decide we will no longer be victims to a childhood government that maybe wasn’t so great; victims to ‘parents’  politicians who were seriously and pathalogically damaged by their own stories or experience, we perpetuate, and contribute, to a collective experience where the same madness continues to infect us.
This whole US election process (and Brexit and even ISIS) is pushing us to tap into, feel and begin to work from our own sovereignty. It is from this personally empowered place where each one of us takes full responsibility for our own thoughts, deeds, words that the new desired realities can begin to be seeded and born.

Who WE choose to BE will create the New Reality.

Trump and Hilary are just here to push us out of the now no longer viable womb of co-dependence, into a life where we take the reins and parent ourselves and our futures, interdependently. They are our wake up call; the cold shower, the slap on the baby’s bottom.

This will mean we have to really be there for one another.  It will mean we will have to lose our capitalist, Darwinian-survival -of -the-fittest, lack orientated nature. We will be compelled to fearlessly embrace our Oneness, our Unity, our commonality and act with compassion, awake to the fact that THEY are the other ME.

It is pushing us to see our diversity as a strength not a danger.

Stepping up into our sovreignity requires dropping the blame game, ditching fully the victim mentality.

Yes, we have all suffered through eons of bad parenting rooted in dreadful patriarchal ideals and enormous fear, but now is the time to be fearless and drop the fake story of our individual powerlessness.

One by one we must make that shift, change the story and THEN we will find ourselves with external governance/politicians and policies that reflect this change.
Choosing to ‘parent’ our adult selves irrespective of what goes on around us will bring the peace and prosperity, the salve, we crave, that our flesh and bloody bones ache for.

Putting ‘the child’ (us and all small people) ahead of the ‘system’ is the answer; the answer to increased peace and diminishing pain.
So yes, difficult as it is, thank the Trump, hail the Hilary. They are wayshowers of a strange kind but we’ve got it from here thanks!


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