The Journey Umbilika

The Journey Umbilika

Hello and a warm welcome to Umbilika!

Frankly I have to keep pinching myself to realise that I’m really here, at last, finally, with this beautiful website as my home, my platform, my soapbox and portal for intuitive, Higher- Self guided expression.

It’s been a long time coming, A hugely long time coming. I can honestly say that I beat the elephant in terms of a gestation period!4372363376_46a52d33fe_o

The idea and impetus to create Umbilika, my new ‘baby’ literally began when I had my own first real  human baby more than 23 years ago.

Something profound changed in me when I fell pregnant unexpectedly (we refer to him as our best surprise ever!). I felt something shift deep in my soul, somewhat like that first time you feel your child quicken in your womb.  Thus a new journey began. Thus the seeds were sown for Umbilika.

Over the years, through many seasons, living in many different locations and situations, the ideas, the calling to be a voice for childhood, for children, for mothers, fathers, teachers, guardians, carers, even the Inner Child grew.  But most importantly the need to hear myself and my own special brand of wisdom, consistently called me.

Almost every day since my firstborn arrived, there has been some insight, some greater consciousness growing around this theme of keeping the child in all of us connected to its’ Higher Source Self.

I knew instinctually that I was being groomed to be at the leading edge of thought around parenting.

Creating Umbilika has been the longest and slowest labour of my life. Like both my other ‘real’ labours’ it’s been a stop- start process. At times it has been full of excitement and momentum and then at many other junctures it has simply come to a grinding halt ( I don’t seem to do easy labours!)

There were  times where I really just wanted to throw in the towel,  go home, ditch the whole idea, chow down on a giant fillet steak and chips and wipe the very notion from my cerebral cortex!

I remember these stages of real labour and birth so well, the way doubt suddenly kicks in at the most inconvenient time.

But as many of you lovely ladies who are reading this know, once you are pregnant, once you are in labour there is no going back no matter how hard it is, no matter how much your body and soul just want to be free of that ‘thing’ inside of you that you once thought was a great idea.14246651660_1438c0d79f_o


For Umbilika there was a lot of to and fro-ing, a huge helping of self doubt and complete exhaustion,  yet the creative and soul urge just wouldn’t  let up fully. Like any mother knows, I am so very glad that I didn’t give up, that I didn’t just walk away from what has proved to be a life long, on- going passion.

My journey with Umbilika has also been deeply infused with my own personal, emotional, psycological spiritual journey particularly when it came to creating the web-site.

It took exactly 9 months to create this site and each step of the way gave rise to an opportunity to employ all I have been groomed for.

For example I had to forgo the idea of liner time and 3D creating.   It was like I would come to a stand still if I attempted to fall back into old patterns of pushing my way through tasks rather than imagining them already done and then facilitating their arrival.  If I started to compromise, look for external approval or not follow my intuition, dramas would ensue.  I had to honour my own body-clock, my physical needs which often involved resting at what appeared to be inopportune times (when deadlines were looming) because when I didn’t, I ended up really sick.

I came face to face with my ‘shadow self” on numerous occasions. We all have ‘shadow” parts; those aspects of ourselves that we unconsciously or consciously suppress due to perhaps receiving unwelcome feedback when we did reveal them.

It’s common for women. particularly those who have spent a lot of time and effort on personal and spiritual growth, to find it hard to use this wealth of wisdom that they have been cultivating and impact the outside world.

I was one of those.

I knew that I had so much to offer; a weath of wisdom I knew was valuable, but for various reasons it took me until now to find the courage to put myself out there in a public way.  Something always seemed to halt me in my tracks. Often these ‘blocks’ were heavily disguised in noble causes or so called out-of-my-control experience. However, once I  really committed to Umbilika I noticed it gave rise to my needing to address once and for all, these ‘shadow’ aspects.  There was no going back!

By doing so, I am here at last.  It wasn’t a walk in the park by any means and I did it under the most difficult personal circumstances.  I literally had to erase my memory and propensity to operate in the old paradigm energy and really commit to following my own Yellow Brick Road under any and all conditions.655ea0ba872d5b623e4558be2b5d79b9
Fortunately I had a perfectly aligned web developer  (Lead As Love) able, willing and in need of the same creative process because, in order for this dream to come to life, I had to address all lurking shadows and all self imposed darkness.   This wasn’t just a journey of creating a business,  it wasn’t simply an idea whose time had come,it was an odyssey, Medusas’ and all, tantamount to that of Jason and the Argonauts. I’m just hoping that Golden Fleece will be mine someday!

I’ll write more about this because these insights are now, I sense, the most urgent and  primary ones we need to co-create a beautiful future for our kids.  They are crucial to the personal development of all parents; in particular to mothers, many of whom are being forced to address these ‘shadow’ aspects in order to create desired new realities for their children and even more importantly for their daughters.

If this resonates with you please sign up to my mailing list so you can be notified when I write about this very powerful journey that I had to undertake to get here.

I’m passionate about sharing all that I can to support and assist the much needed voice of the Divine Mother, the powerful Feminine.  All of us, no  matter what gender or persuasion, need this voice to have more airtime, to bring balance and harmony into our troubled World.

I trust that here on this site I will inspire, inform, co-create, support and of course learn something new every day.

I hope that you will feel safe and  it easy enough to share your stories, ask for help and offer your own heart centred brand of wisdom too.

I encourage you to check in with Umbilika regularly  to browse the different pages and aspects of my personal vision. Please join in by co-creating a song line for our children that is kindly, heart centred, loving, compassionate, equable, evolved and humane.3080618518_4dca843e0d_o

They say it takes a village to raise a child and it’s so vital for our Selves and for future generations to rise up, hold hands, connect with love for the greater good and the evolution of Mankind by sharing the caring spirit of being with our children; our future.  The Internet has become our village. Technology allows us to literally bridge worlds and brings great gifts of re-imagined futures for our young ones.

I’m excited and nervous all at the same time to have given birth to my most challenging ‘baby‘ yet, I know I won’t get it all ‘right’ and I might get it ‘wrong’ sometimes but isn’t that just the way of all parenting, of life in fact.

So here’s to the first step on the road of my long awaited idea, my third child, my personal purpose this time around.

Welcome to Umbilika So good to have you here!

photo credit: Baby in the Dirt via photopin (license)photo credit: India girls Banner via photopin (license)

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