Find here some generous lashings of love and appreciation from people whose lives I seemed to have touched!  I feel deeply humbled and grateful.


offer our GIFTS“Nabila holds space like no one I’ve ever known. I didn’t actually realize that one can do so much for someone just by holding space, till she taught me from example by doing that for me. She speaks only the absolute truth, no mincing words to pacify or tenderness to let one faulter. It’s a bigger kind of love.  One that lets the truth flow through to another. Then on top of all this madness, she speaks and writes as though it’s all meant to be really funny and interesting. Jeeeez!  Learning from her is fun, crying to her is fun, you end up snorting, because you realize you’re laughing. It’s safe and it’s easy and mostly it’s just very empowering to Self.
There is so much resonance to what she says and when she says it and how she says it,
It all settles inside, like it’s done. So be it!” –Mona. Saudi Arabia


“I’d single out Nabila Cowasjee, a psychologist, teacher and mother for her excellent features over many months on the need to take a holistic approach to our children’s education, rather than force them to fit the mould. Again, I believe this awareness is only now spilling over into the mainstream. ” – Margaret Evans.  Editor Nova Magazine.A Magazine with Soul.


“Having had a turbulent relationship with my parents, Nabila gave me valuable insight into the family dynamic. It’s rare to find someone who makes you feel comfortable when discussing private deep-rooted issues. I was able to open up about anything – she provided a non-judgemental ear when she listened to my internal conflicts. I had so many “mind-blown” moments with Nabila, where she often put things into perspective, enabling me to see my problems from another point of view. Her approach is perfection – she delves right down to the core of the issue, giving you clarity to understand your family relationships. She enlightens you to the fact that you are part of a much bigger picture and her wisdom and insight has helped me to build a better relationship with my family as well as  strive to attain my own personal goals. I will be forever grateful.
UMBILIKA is the perfect place to find yourself and/or support your children.”- Annie. London.


“Nabila has a passion for making this world a better place for children.  Her insight when working with children and parents is so valuable.  She is like a bridge between generations and their varying perspectives.  Her ideas and counsel are rooted in deep study of the subject, not just what other people would like to hear and comes from a very genuine, authentic place.  It is an honour and pleasure to have known and worked with her.”- Shazina, Perth.”


“If I am having trouble with something regarding my son my first thoughts are ‘I need to speak to Nabila about this’. I have always turned to her for help and advice because I feel  very confident and trusting when sharing my thoughts with her. Nabila has a knack of making you comfortable talking about anything. She is so intuitive and incredibly gifted at picking up signals and getting right to the core of issues. The love and support I have received over the years for myself and my son has been invaluable.” – Elizabeth. London.


“Nabila is eloquent and gets to the heart of many matters. Her writings strike chords that should ring out across the Earth and into every corner of the deep dark crevices where ignorance hides. Then the sound should reverberate outwards into the Universe”. – Kashif. UK  


“Raising a child is arguably the most important job/role we will perform. However, in reality it is given little more than lip service and this SACREDprecious time is so easily eroded away.
It is not uncommon to look back with nostalgia with the feeling that we somehow missed out on something important that now cannot be reclaimed.
Nabila has spent years investigating and writing about ways both practical and spiritual to restore and nurture this crucial time we call childhood.
It has been a lifelong quest, and  now to this website she brings her inspiration, insight and persepctive together to share with the wider community.  Her work assists and enriches our experience and approach to this precious time with our children.”  – Jagjit. Perth


“I am so very proud and excited about Umbilika. Your wisdom , insight , love, expression and guidance have given me the wings to be the person I am today .. You are an inspiration ! Followers of this site will get to know a truly enlightened spirit !” – Liz.  Sunshine Coast. QLD.