April 17, 2016

I Can Only Do Deep: The light of darkness.

I Can Only Do Deep. I cannot do superficiality. A surface dweller, a pond skater I cannot be. It seems I can only do deep. Deep seemed heavy I used to run and hide from it Or at best, attempt to secret my deep from the eyes and ears of others Until I realised, That in the dark of deep Lies a light so bright. In the heart of grief Lives a fire so strong A flame that we eternally long for. In the seed of this dark, dank deep Dwells the bud of all that’s new Potentiality, re- birth, great growth. I cannot do superficiality A surface dweller, a pond skater I cannot be. It seems I can only do deep. […]
May 14, 2016

Secret Mum’s Business. The true origins of Mother’s Day and beyond.

A few days have passed since the official Mother’s Day but every day has been my day since I had my first son 24 years ago.  Not a moment goes past where I don’t at some point think of what it means to be a mother. I’m writing my next contribution to Parenting For New Reality: Multidimensional Motherhood.  It’s going to take a while!  I have so much to say, so much to explore and investigate both personally and in terms of societies view of motherhood that I have probably bitten off more than I can chew but I will.. like any brave mother, forge onward knowing that no effort is pointless, no time ever wasted nurturing something or someone you feel […]
June 3, 2016

What is love?

WHAT IS LOVE? What is Love? I can tell you what it is not. Love is not tainted by duty Nor by obligation or even loyalty. Guilt plays no part in Loves’ true essence, In the clear waters of its’ pure vibration. Love does not speak in tones of “I know what is best for you” It doesn’t thrive or expand in an atmosphere of control Or grow in to hearty health by the imposition of boundaries, Do’s or don’ts, should’s or shouldn’ts. Rights or wrongs. Love shrivels and withers if there is expectation involved. It becomes a distant many times removed cousin When presented on a platter decorated with fear Or garnished with worry or self gratifying concern. Love is only […]
August 4, 2016

Newborn Love.

What I once thought was love Stands shabbily clad Bedraggled. head hung low In the dust of my departure That thing I called love Is but a poor cousin to What now runs through my veins This new love life force Plays, cavorts and bubbles briskly.   No heaviness of heart Does it hold For it knows This love carries nothing But it carries everything, Swiftly, easily It is full but empty Swollen with feeling Yet free. That thing I offered once as love Is a shrunken violet Beautiful but small Compared to the rose That blossoms in my bosom now. That love contracted pale and wan Lies now gently in the shadow Of this expanded, grander Self. This new love is […]