parenting a new reality.

October 15, 2016

Full Moon in Aries. Lunacy or Lunar-see? From tantrums to transformation.

The Moon is the archetypal mother. The mother who through her moods intuition, nurtures us as she knows best, tapping into her innate wisdom and belief that cycles, ebbs and flows are part of our core learning; integral to our full and most beautiful, bountiful, benevolent (the three B’s) unfoldment. As a mother/woman born into Full Moon energy I know the potency (and pain) of understanding and working with your own moo(n)ds and tapping into the moo(n)ds of my loved ones.  It can birth great things; bring clarity to chaos or end up catastrophic. This weekend presents us with a Full Moon at 23 degrees of Aries so expect some fire to burgeon in your belly. Don’t be surprised if your wanton wildness […]
November 13, 2016

Gems and white doves: The Supermoon and it’s charge (of the light brigade).

Umbilika’s purpose is not solely dedicated to the raising of children in the traditional sense, but also deeply connected to the raising of Consciousness per se.  The two go very much hand in hand. Parenting FOR and Parenting (bringing forth) A New Reality, is central to its’ passion. Being the bridge between outworn ideologies and new paradigms is paramount. It is clear that recent events culminating in the surprise outcome of the US elections have sent a tectonic wave of shock that is reverberating across the whole of the World and through all of us leaving us feeling bewildered, shattered and even homeless.  The Refugee Crisis has hit us all. What we thought was safe has been bombed.  The masses are suffering from […]