August 2, 2016

New Moon. New Cycle. New Beginnings. The value of moving from linear to cyclical thinking for parenting.

“What was scattered gathers What was gathered blows away”- Heraclitus. As of yesterday we are in the full flow of a New Moon.   As its a New Moon in Leo it’s not surprising that I received insight and inspiration to write about children.  Leo symbolises our creativity and the highest expression of creativty is the creation of a child. Life is a series of metaphors, of ideas, that we give bones to through thought, intention and subsequent action. Astrologically, if you want a new experience of anything, using New Moon energy to pull these desires closer to you (as in the tides that swell and ebb with moon cycles) is a great way to lock into yourself those preferred realities. The […]
August 14, 2016

Lion’s Gate. What’s up mate? The inside story.

The frequency of anxiety is the same as that of excitement.   I don’t know about you but this little nugget of a sentence became my mantra this last week .  It was a much needed reminder in the swirl and hurly burly of what some call the 8-8 Lion’s Gate. If you are into ‘energetics’; the notion that every thing animate and inanimate carries a frequency, a vibration, then you’ll have been tuned into the Lion’s Gate portal that begins every year on the 8th of August and blasts us with new frequencies, new coding, for up to a week.  They remain here after the intensity of the portal so that all of us can, in our own time and state […]
September 6, 2016

Energy Update: The Wobble. It’s here.

If you are feeling a bit off centre, exhausted, wired but tired… of everything.. but also sensing a ramp up of champing at the bit, wanting to get a move on, know that the current planetary and other cosmic energies are moving through you. It’s valuable to let them move through you. Holding resistances or refusing to surrender will only amplify the wobble. Hanging on is exhausting. Learning how to manage yourself during a wobble makes your core stronger. We are in an intense Virgo period. Sun in Virgo and two eclipses to boot with an equinox well on its way. September, the 9th month, like the month when a new birth is due, is often challenging. Not in warrior like (Aries/Mars) […]
October 15, 2016

Full Moon in Aries. Lunacy or Lunar-see? From tantrums to transformation.

The Moon is the archetypal mother. The mother who through her moods intuition, nurtures us as she knows best, tapping into her innate wisdom and belief that cycles, ebbs and flows are part of our core learning; integral to our full and most beautiful, bountiful, benevolent (the three B’s) unfoldment. As a mother/woman born into Full Moon energy I know the potency (and pain) of understanding and working with your own moo(n)ds and tapping into the moo(n)ds of my loved ones.  It can birth great things; bring clarity to chaos or end up catastrophic. This weekend presents us with a Full Moon at 23 degrees of Aries so expect some fire to burgeon in your belly. Don’t be surprised if your wanton wildness […]