5 D consciousness

October 14, 2016

Trump or Hilary? The politics of parenting a New Reality. Who do you want to midwife in a new reality? Who do you want to parent our future?

This may sound counter intuitive but we need to thank  Trump. Yes. Thank him! His attitudes and views are bringing into the light the overt and latent hidden misogyny and sexism that is held by a large unconscious collective of all genders. We are going through a rapid phase of evolution. ‘The- boys- will- be- boys, it’s- only- just- a -bit- of- fun’ line is really getting a going over for us to wake up to some ugly truths apparent out there but also hidden in the depths our own conditioned psyches. Through our outrage and disgust towards Trump we are finally identifying all covert attitudes within society, finally seeing the wood for the trees. Trump in his blatant buffoonery is single […]
June 18, 2017

On fat shaming. Where a 15 year olds’ poetry packs some serious power.

It’s rather ridiculous isn’t it, that we as adults and parents pose as bearers of truths that we think children are yet to learn?  But think about it.  A child is innately joyful, playful and spontaneous until we get involved!  They don’t need telling how to be curious or even humane.  They know that feeling connected to each other is the top and bottom of life itself which is why they cry when they need picking up; that’s why they yell when they think something is unjust. They are naturals at real life. We are often the ones lost in the fuzz and fog of our fear- laced experience. Umbilika is a firm believer that adults are not here to teach children […]