Parenting through chaos and crisis.

Parenting through chaos and crisis.

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“A society’s destiny rests on how it treats its’ children.”  Robin Grille.

Recent weeks have given rise to unprecedented change and great uncertainties for now and for the future.

If you’re a parent, the future of society will be VERY important to you.

It is important because it’s where your children are heading.  Concern for  their future is a dedicated parents’ primary motivation.  It’s how we show we love our kids.  It’s why and how we educate them, attempt to keep them healthy and endeavor to embed them with  values we hope will contribute to their sustainablity and well-being.

There is an instinctive mechanism that comes to the fore in times of uncertainty.  It’s called protection.  We’re hard-wired to protect our kids because, without this preoccupation, our survival is at risk.

Protection is one of our primary roles; there’s no denying this fact.  It’s valuable. It’s vital.

So my question to you at this point in history, (with all it”s uncertainty and perceived crisis), is how do YOU see yourself, as a parent, as a conscious adult, contributing postitively to the building of a world experience you would prefer for your children and for their future?

I know two things.

1. Fear never builds new preferred realities.
2. Change is a natural cycle and when it’s free from fear it is a good thing.

So, how do we in times of crisis, free ourselves from fear yet stay true to our natural instinct to protect our children from unnecessary harm?

This is how.

When the world seems to be going mad around you and there is mass confusion, it’s wise to just hook out of it all for a moment.

Often by reclaiming your energy, by retracting from al that is going on in the external, will bring a greater sense of safety, security and clarity into your experience.

It’s like taking a breath, or a tea break when we are busy or in overwhelm.

It’s the ultimate ‘time out’.  Us adults need them as much as our kids do.

Clarity is not born by seeking to orchestrate, manipulate or resist external circumstances, but comes from tuning in more deeply to our abundant, inner, universal wisdom.

Each one of us, no matter what our current state of affiars is, (internal or external) has and always has had, EVERYTHING we will ever need; all the skills, and latent knowledge is IN us ALREADY.childrens poster

Just like the acorn has the oak tree already programmed into it’s DNA, our children (and we), have everything necessary for our success, longevity, and thriving previously embedded.

However small we may seem (or be), we have the ‘bigness’, the strength we seek, lying dormant, ready to blossom when and if we choose supportive circumstance and attitudes.

Our role as a parent is simply to keep sharing this powerful idea with our kids.

This will build thier confidence and sense of self-empowerment, leaving them less vulnerable to the inevitable and constant winds of change.  It will provide them with an inner compass, a direct hotline, to their Source/Heart which, will guide them and keep them safe, protected and powerful.

Be wary of messaging that arrives through mainstream media.  It can be a form of dangerous hypnosis, a way of making us believe that we are a hopeless planet of deplorables.

However, if you stop and look around you, to your immediate community, family and friends, it is likely that most of your own little world is full of well- meaning, heart-centred people, doing their very best to be good, kind and just human beings.

Yes, there is apparently a lot wrong in society.  Yes, there are injustices and plain madness, but we will never fix these perceived ills by giving them incessant negative focus.
It is through giving postitive, fearless attention, to our little apparently insignificant worlds, that we raise our individual and collective vibrations.  This in turn will manifest postivie outcomes in the wider community.

HOT TIP:  There are multiple realities available to us at any given time.  The one we experience is the one we give our time and enery to.  It is currently CRUCIAL to consider carefully, to be mindful of which ‘reality’ we are buying into; contributing to.

Which  future reality do you wish to manifest for yourself and your children?

The choice is yours.images

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