My Story


IMG_2619The Short Version.

“In quietness and confidence is my strength.”

 Universal Mother -Leading edge bridge ~ Sha-woman.

Nabila is a calm but passionate female warrior; a seasoned child bearer, experienced educator, accurate intuitive and ardent advocate for everything children.  She’s a wide-hipped, flat-footed, open-armed ‘Mother’ of all that IS.  Her life is dedicated to listening to and responding to the ‘voice’  of the child.  She created  Parenting for a New Reality; parenting KIDS and parenting YOU, so we can all reach for being the human our hearts ache for.  Nabila knows peace and success in all its forms, begins and ends with empowered, loving parenting practice.


I’ve made a difference to many young lives and supported as many families on their journeys with their children: each one both an exciting yet humbling adventure.  I have received as much as I have given.

We are on the cusp of changing society in ways unprecedented.  Children and how we  BE with them,  play a vital role in the creation of this New Reality. The well- being of each individual and indeed society is dependent on how we choose to raise our children.

There is a wealth of untapped treasure resident in young people.  They deserve our dedicated attention. Not only will they be the inheritors of a new, improved life experience, but they are pivotal to its genesis.  They are, in my opinion, a priceless, unique force: Catalysts for this evolution.

It is my ardent mission, my guided vocation, to mobilise this force, this ‘infant-ry” by providing a platform for this cause. I see my role here as being a  safe, heart-centred, mindful, multi-dimensional bridge for parents and children who choose to partake in this inevitable, incredible shift.

Please join me on my divine assignment, share with me your stories, canvass my support and teach me more about OUR beautiful children!


The Slightly….. Longer Version.

I was 11 when I had my first cognizant career aspiration.  Along with wanting high cheek bones and longer legs I remember deciding that I wanted to become a translator for UNICEF.IMG_1035

I would spend hours imagining my role, seeing myself being of service, helping the children of the world, being involved with magnanimous projects that eradicated pain and suffering from childhood.

None of those early aspirations came true. Certainly no high cheekbones, no up- to- my- armpits legs and no UNICEF on my resume.  However, when I look back at my journey, the essence of that childhood fantasy has remained alive and well, if heavily disguised, all the way through my life.

The inspiration to be of service to children was the loom, my academic, professional and personal life the warp and weft, my passion and perspective the wool from which I wove a complex and rich fabric regarding all things childhood.

What I choose to do through Umbilika is ironically but quite magically fashioned from the same threads of that Technicolor Coat of Dreams I had as an 11-year-old.


I was born bridging worlds: The product of an uncommon- for- the- times union of East and West.  My mother an English Rose, my father a handsome Pakistani migrant guided by fate and determination to a desolate, coal bunkered spot in the Lancashire countryside.

I’ve lived a life eclectic; a life that had no box even when I desperately craved one.  A hybrid child born in the shadows of the Pennines, hills infamous for ‘witches. My great grandmother, seeing me for the first time was convinced I was ‘fey’; an Old Soul.

Before I turned 2 we moved to Pakistan.  Here I was exposed to a myriad of cultural, social, political and emotional experiences: some confronting, some comforting.  My horizons were irrevocably broadened, providing a cornucopia of contrasting circumstances including war, political unrest, extreme poverty, ostentatious wealth, delicious food and life long friends.

My own childhood involved colourful experiences and odd juxtapositions. I rode a camel before I could ride a bike, watched my Muslim grandmother pray 5 times a day yet I sang in a  church choir. We car pooled with a Nigerian Missionary family, dug trenches in the front garden to protect us from Indian assault in 1971 and were evacuated to the UK sitting on the floor of a RAF Hercules that flew over the Arabian Sea under radar.

At 12 I  set up my own ‘charity” visiting and providing fruit baskets for elderly widows and volunteered in the Salvation Army Dispensary, whilst I had sleepovers with the Iranian Consulate’s daughter whose mother would let us play dress up with tiaras and necklaces given to her by the Shah of Iran.

We celebrated both Eid and Christmas and everything in between; any excuse for a party!   I’d secretly rescue chickens, stray dogs and mangy cats that wandered in through our front gate from the nearby slums and then pick herbs and plants from the garden to make ‘medicine’ for their wounds.

Twenty-six homes, 5 countries and many cultures and languages later, I find myself on the stunning West Coast of Australia with two inspirational grown up sons and a big-hearted, supportive husband of more than 25 years. None of us were born in the same country.

Woven between all this diversity and locational disturbance I managed a career in Primary School Teaching in a Learning Support/Special Needs Role and headed an adult  ESL Department.  I gained experience in many schooling systems; Mainstream Private and Public, International Schools Montessori, Steiner, Home Schooling and even Unschooling. I also have a degree in Social Anthropology specializing in Cultural Education, a Diploma in Astrology specializing in children’s charts and am a published freelance writer.  As a self-confessed eternal student I have an endless love affair with deep, personal investigation and a wealth of knowledge about all things philosophical, spiritual and metaphysical.


However, the most important aspect of my life was undoubtedly my journey into motherhood.  Nothing has taught me more.  Nothing will touch me as deeply.  155152_10150101607177433_8041689_n

My children and indeed all children are my motivation, my muse, my inspiration.

My own childhood brought with it certain challenges which awakened me to the importance of our early years and how our unique experience of it, inks our world indelibly   The positive navigation of what it means to be a child became my passion and now its seems my mission.

“I must be a mermaid Rango. I have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living.” Anais Nin.

This is my all time favourite quote. As an adult, I became aware that I had the ability to see what was wrong with the world whilst knowing, on an intuitive and ideological level, what could be done to change it.

I believe I am in touch with what culture has forgotten or repressed and have the desire to retrieve what it has denied in order to bring it back to the surface for awareness, update and change.

532962_10151614405857433_510146845_nGifted with this ability to metaphorically swim to the outer edges of the Universe whilst simultaneously diving to the deepest depths of unknown oceans, I honed my perspective to identify a place of balance between the two.

This point revealed itself to be Wholeness; the point where we as individuals connect to our Source Self whilst remaining grounded Earthbound, material individuals.  As they say,  To be in this world but not necessarily of it.

We are on the cusp of creating a whole New World Order that’s being founded on a grid of love and Unity Consciousness. Central to the creation of this new matrix are women and children.

I see myself as an ambassador for children, dedicated to the anchoring of this New Energy, this new etiquette, which will birth and nurture a more equable and humane society.

My role here at Umbilika is as an interpreter for the less obvious, the hidden, non- 3D aspects of existence. I use an intuitive multidimensional perspective, grounded in real experience.  It is my wish to assist the safe, loving navigation of that precious and powerful time we term childhood.

When I am not working on Umbilika you will find me swimming in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean, indulging in the alternate reality of books and movies,  obsessively creating beautiful spaces in my home,  cooking,  dabbling in artistic pursuits, day dreaming or volunteering as a Child Refugee Mentor in local schools.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.  I look forward to getting to know you too.
heart love