Gems and white doves: The Supermoon and it’s charge (of the light brigade).

Gems and white doves: The Supermoon and it’s charge (of the light brigade).

Umbilika’s purpose is not solely dedicated to the raising of children in the traditional sense, but also deeply connected to the raising of Consciousness per se.  The two go very much hand in hand. Parenting FOR and Parenting (bringing forth) A New Reality, is central to its’ passion. Being the bridge between outworn ideologies and new paradigms is paramount.


It is clear that recent events culminating in the surprise outcome of the US elections have sent a tectonic wave of shock that is reverberating across the whole of the World and through all of us leaving us feeling bewildered, shattered and even homeless.  The Refugee Crisis has hit us all. What we thought was safe has been bombed.  The masses are suffering from serious, shell-shock.refugee

It’s been an unprecedented wake-up call; a point in our emotional, social and cultural history that is pivotal.

If we can clamber out of our emotional rubble and take a breath, we can see that we are being catalysed to stop, take stock and discern what aspects of  our culture, religion, personal values and overarching perspectives are really meaningful.

We have been forced into the realisation that we are in serious need of guidance that is divine rather than earthbound, for our earthly actions  appear to have created the very real possibility of one f..k of a  holy mess.

November 14, 2016, gifts us with the biggest supermoon in 68 years.

Nothing is an accident or a random occurrence of fate. Everything is always connected, feeding and fostering our personal and collective pathways.

This Supermoon is in earthy Taurus, substantiating that feeling of having been brought down to earth in a pretty cataclysmic way.  The light of this Supermoon almost comically and literally illuminates our current embarassing, state of affairs. The spotlight is on and it’s showing up glaringly,  just where we truly are at in our mass consciousnesses.

Whilst we, as individuals, might have decidedly differing or a more evolved world view, we are part of a cultural, socio-religious whole, and every whole always has some seriously big messages for its parts, if we are willing to submit our ‘little’ wills to the greater meaning and destiny of the whole. #umcomfortablelesson

Allowing our greater mind to open up to the ‘signatures’ and ‘symbolism’ of events, will reveal to us, with the help of this Supermoon, what ‘we’ have contributed to and allowed to occur in our world.

For our existence to succeed we must clearly respect all relationships and reconsider the implications of our sometimes myopic plans and perspectives. This applies to the average man on the street and certainly to those who choose to take charge of our governance.

This Taurus Full Moon brings into play our need to make whatever karmic adjustments are needed to continue to move effectively on the path ahead.  The more we tune into our own personal values and desires whilst connecting these dots to the greater whole and its’ required actions/attitudes, the swifter, safer and less painful these necessary adjustments become.


It is a time to make peace. A new trajectory has been set in motion and whilst this orbit appears to be littered with a whole lotta dangerous space junk, the only way we’ll get through our personal and collective challenges, is to keep our eyes and hearts focused on the ultimate desire; peace.

peace doveJust like in the story of Noah’s Ark where the dove that flew over the troubled waters became his guiding symbol and brought him and his precious cargo to eventual safety, so must we, keep ourselves keenly focused on using peacefulness, positivity, hopefulness and surrender to navigate this current crisis in consciousness.

The more we allow ourselves to believe that what is happening in our personal lives, as well as in the public arena, is truly for our greater good, the more we permit grace and harmony to work their magic.

Essentially we are in the throes of a new divine Dispensation, called to us, by us ,through a series of potentially bone shaking, unbelievable circumstances.  Our relationship to everything and everyone is undergoing what seems to feel like a horrible, nauseating detox and the impulses and energies of this Supermoon, which is the closest the Moon has been to the Earth in 68 years, is providing a cosmic magnifying glass to ensure we don’t miss any ‘bacteria’ that might escape our naked eye.

She, (yes the moon is female and terribly discerning) literally brings forth, with no remorse, the unconscious into the conscious so that we can no longer be under any illusions as to what needs healing.

Talk about an inner and outer cleanse!


On a practical level, be prepared to come up, front and centre with any aspect of your relationships that are not yet fully purified.

Parent/ child relationships, romantic ones, your relationship to the (your) environment, to work, to money, food, pleasure, sexuality, the body and especially to your own worth. Whatever negativity you feel about yourself is not true. The Supermoon is the luminous marker that may underscore all your points of wobble.  Be super kind to yourself.  Judgement is so Old Age, so yesterday.  See it. Let all be revealed and then vow, in spite of it all, to love yourself just that little bit more.  This is how true healing and whole-ing happens.

This Full Moon will be bringing to the table any previously invisible crumbs or bits of unwanted food you secreted away in your napkin or tried to give to the dog surreptitiously.   Full ownership of the Self is the pervasive theme of the day.

Don’t be afraid. This Mumma Moon might seem scary and uber confronting, fierce and fiery; I mean with a Moon that is literally right in our faces, staring us down with her big, bright, penetrative, ‘I-know-what-you’ve done’, eye in the sky, is bound to be a bit unnerving, but try and  take her potential ‘slaps-upsides-the-head” as an expression of her deep, unconditional and enduring love for you.  She loves you no matter what. Do the same.

What Next?

It’s always helpful to know potential ‘what nexts’ when you are in the throes of.  Hindsight is a frustratingly elusive but marvelous thing.

What lies ahead, potentially, (dependent on our navigational abilities) is some serious treasure.  Gems and beautiful jewelry result from:

1.Natural processes involving extreme (volcanic) pressure and heat andmoonstone ring

2.The skill of a refined craftsman.

One without the other does not a treasure make.

Think of yourself as the craftsman, the jeweler, who through her skill, knowledge and attention to detail, brings to a raw, rough stone, (our existence and current state of affairs) complete transformation. Metaphorically this confirms, that within society, as crass and broken as it seems, lies potential  personal and societal excellence and beauty.



Enjoy this Full Moon’s magic.  It heralds and hi-lights not only the peace-filled potentials of  great change but also that we, as mad as we are,  were always mere diamonds in the rough requiring a good buff, cut and polish to come good.





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