Full Moon in Gemini. Your magician apprenticeship begins.

Full Moon in Gemini. Your magician apprenticeship begins.

full moon gemini

“Working with Mercury means that one must cultivate the art of recognising significant communications, knowing what is truth and what is falsehood, or else the lessons of the crossroads- the point where doors open or close, where persons have to make decisions that may forever affect their lives- will be lost. ~ Robert Farris Thompson. “Flash of the Spirit’.


gemini full moonIt’s been a long and event-filled year.  Most of you reading this will have stories to tell about 2016.   Plenty of  pages of  many, many diaries will have been filled with as many  journeys, personal and collective; some pain-filled, some pleasurable. Each entry, whether written down on paper or transmuted through internal analysis will have incurred some form of Awakening; some rude, some blissful, but valuable epiphanies and indeed some huge transmutations, often tragic or traumatic in their experience, have occurred.  These stories, your stories, will in their apparent, illusory, kaleidoscopic spread, have one central theme in common: Relationship.

Relationship… is everything.  It’s in everything. It creates everything. It permeates every corner and crevice of our existence. It’s not just about the people in your life, it’s actually really, just about you and the kind of marriage you have with yourself.

All the events of this past year, whether presented in a political, social, familial or personal framework,  was actually about the relationship you had with you.  It wasn’t about Trump, Brexit, Refugees, your boyfriend, lover or mother. It wasn’t about work or your house or your money.  These were the filters we were given, the fine muslin cloth, through which all of who we were to Be or NOT to Be were presented to us and now we stand on the front porch of potentiality, wondering whether to knock on that door, just a wee bit worried of who might open it and what lies behind it.

the magician tarotThis is where this final Full Moon in Gemini comes into play, and play with us she will for she is the trickster of the zodiac, the alchemist, the shapeshifter, offering to us, through her magic, the proverbial fork in the road.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury the closest planet to the Sun and the fastest moving one, hence the term mercurial. Because she is fast with an orbit of a mere 88-day cycle, the messages she brings can seem elusive, slipping through our mind-fingers like quicksilver. Within this 88-day cycle, Mercury can only be seen for a maximum of 44-days during her orbit. The only times we can catch glimpses of her is at dawn and dusk.  Dawn and dusk are transitional times, hence the energy of Mercury/Gemini preside over all times of transition, all crossroads: change is her middle name.

Mercury is the god/ess of all communication; the conduit, the portal that requires us to use our minds, thoughts, intellect, voice and language to access and use the information/experience we have learned this past year to begin to manifest.

Our capacity to manifest through language and thought is so inherent, so invisible in its operation (like Mercury is to the Sun) that we take for granted, or are oblivious as to how powerful and accurate this process is. It is so central to our inner and outer processes that we tend to overlook what we are doing, what we are manifesting and continue habitually, to expend more energy in the hope of gleaning more power through action rather than slow down and give ourselves the chance to see what we have created, almost without effort other than thought.

This Full Moon in mercurial Gemini asks us to slow down, even stop before we expend any more unnecessary energy, and fill ourselves up with, integrate, the lessons we have endured and learned this past year.  Before we go through the doorway of this portal (and the 21-12 one) it’s vital that we take a deep breath (Gemini and Mercury rule the lungs) and take inventory  of EVERYTHING that has happened to you or the collective this year. Gemini loves data and information. She is the IT/ Communications gal to call when your system is ‘down’.

What are the messages? How have you translated them?  How do you see yourself in this changing world? Where do you have fear or hate?  Where and how have you found a deeper sense of love, especially for yourself?  Have you managed to re-frame all the ugh of this year and make it pretty or are you still reeling in the gunk and slime of your sorrows? Do you have a better sense of purpose, of community; of contribution, which serves both your love for self and your love for others?

To harness the provident magic of this Full Moon requires us to grok (*to understand with intuition and empathy) our recent history and decide which road we are going to choose to travel and with which lens are we going to look through to our future. We are the gods and goddesses. We are the translators, the orchestrators of our future; the conductors, the string sections, the  bass players and the choir.  We are the angels we are looking for; the divine Maitre De who will usher in ALL experience.


It’s a great time to choose which ‘mantras’ (* mind tool in Sanskrit) you’ll rock and roll with. Which e8c7152d9e0cd56839e0d4116f0fcfc6vibration will you adopt to hum along to, on this next segment of your life?  Gemini is the translator of vibration which is just another word for mood or emotion and she knows that all creation is an outcome of these frequencies.  Gemini knows that all our experienced ‘realities’ are merely the result of what our voices; inner (thoughts) and outer (commands), call for.  She is the conduit, the wi-fi that is always on, always ready to pick up, receive and then bounce on, our signals to the Universe who will, of course, comply, by bringing to us exactly what we sent out, tenfold.

Gemini is the master of teleportation. She knows that when we think, when we feel, we are faxing  coordinates to the great unknown, to the soup of all creation. Which menu we choose from, or how clear and clean our communications, are over the great telepathic wilderness, will determine whether we get our preferred choice; whether it will be our favourite #1 Spring Rolls on the Chinese takeaway menu or some weird, watery unidentifiable, undesirable soup with strange floating bits in it.


These next few weeks, prior to the New Year, a 1/1/1 year (new beginnings thank the f@#!) are crucial in determining our personal and collective futures.  It may have seemed like the world had gone mad in 2016, that there was no hope left for a thriving, compassionate, just global existence, or frankly just a bit of personal peace and prosperity. This could be true or as we now know, the power for positive change lies within us.  Without the furious forces of this past year which made us withdraw and contract into ourselves we would not know or feel this.  We would not be awake. War and pain make us find shelter, they push us to find our deepest, most hidden recesses and inner resources to stay alive.  Our sweetest nectar, we realise, is inside.
The Gemini Full Moon is with us for these few days, to help us cognise, that access, to our true and peaceful power lies in our communications with ourselves. How we choose to think and feel translates telepathically, directly to our potential to manifest. So bathe in the light of this moon. Slow down, take stock, be awake to your inner and outer chatter; take charge of that monkey mind (the shadow side of Gemini) and practice training and refining your ‘voice’ so it may call to you easily, all that you wish for.

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  1. Geetali says:

    Thank you. I so love your writing. This piece is, for me, very timely, very pertinent and very very true. The entire article is wonderful; but it was this line that stopped me dead in my tracks: “Which vibration will you adopt to hum along to, on this next segment of your life? ” I am almost scared of asking myself that, for I’m afraid it will catapult me into the zone of the unfamiliar. I need to slow down and listen to the inner voice, drowned by the noise of my fears and insecurities.
    Thank you, wonderful lady, for your wisdom.

    • Nabila says:

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Humming a happy note, tuning into your ever expanding Self will make you feel safe, even in uncharted territory. Coming into the knowing (through a slow down) that you are the creator of everything and will not go down paths that feel scary (why would you? That would be bizarre!) can support and scaffold you in your beautiful unfolding into the so-called unknown. If you are the creator, you will know where each footfall lands. 🙂

  2. Natasha. says:

    Thank you for this heavenly reminder from the stars. It encourages me to trust and let go… to listen to intuition and allow the magic to transform all that is not serving of our souls.
    Love your writing and how it hits home.

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