WITH YOUR HELP WE CAN GROW. heart loveheart loveheart love

Umbilika is passionate about children and parenting.  Its mission is to be the ‘voice’ of the child;  to explore new and different ways of doing this through inspiration, education and heart-centred support for kids, parents and other primary caregivers.

A lot of what goes on at Umbilika is given away for free, both in terms of time, content and even through volunteering in the community, supporting children in need.

There is, of course, no intention to use our most precious ones as a means to profit without giving something back of real value. However, there are expenses that need be covered, to continue doing the work that Umbilika is dedicated to.

If you are inspired by what Umbilika stands for, love some of its content or just plain want to support a good idea, a  donation of any size will be appreciated and used wisely. That’s a promise!

Also please remember that 10%  of any donation will automatically go to Plan International, a non-denominational, humanitarian organisation dedicated to improving the lives of children around the World.

Together we become the village every child needs to grow and thrive.