An ever expanding catalogue of things, people and situations that make me go ‘mmmm’.  All of the below have played a crucial part in my “becoming”.  They are my growing ‘family of love and light”.  I wish to honour their contribution and talents.  Please contact them if you feel inspired.


Janine Daddo. Artist extrodinare and fun-loving friend to boot.  Creator of the delicous artwork “Mer-family:The Journey Umbilika” resident on my Home page.
I am the proud owner of three of her magnificent paintings.  My heart feels so full when I see them.


Rebecca Cool.  She is very ‘cool’.  Another artist( and chicken and goat lover), who caught my eye and captured my heart with her wondeful mixed media delights. She continues to inspire me to pursue my secret wish to  illustrate, paint and create.  I am the fortunate one who wakes up every day to “Woman with Curly Hair”.  This painting reminds me continuously of who I AM and what why I am passionate about


Kim Gorgo at Lead as Love.  I wouldn’t be here without her!  Co-creator (sole creator of all things technical and cyber spacey) of this website. Don’t you love it?!
Kim created a practical but heart centred vision for my passion that has all the bells and whistles I could have hoped for.  Contact her and her ‘light filled” team for your online dream.


Trish Bygott of Madame Bukeshla for her artwork on my Testimonial page.  Trish creates  must have clothing collectables and other delicious works of art.  Her clothes and fabric creations are inter woven and sewn with love. Each stitch holds the vibration of the New Energy.


Amanda Woodward for her beautiful abstract paintings on my Writings page.  A long time friendship initially created in distant lands we seem to have arrived once again in the same place.  Amanda is an inspirational mother and creator.

Margaret Evans Editor of NOVA Australia’s Holistic Journal  for her acceptance of one of my first forays into the world of  published writing.  Nova was at the time, one of the only publications in my field of vision that was well matched to my perspective on parenting and children’s issues.  I am grateful for being accepted as contributing writer for the once regular Our Kids column.  NOVA continues to reach for the leading edge.