Confession. I’m a word bird that tries to blend the worlds of intellect and intuition.word bird 1

I’m also not a woman of few words; not the archetypal Blogger who writes posts that are made up of short lists, clickbait and ‘how-to’s’. I’ve tried, but I’m just not made that way. I’m happily addicted to fleshing out and falling deep into the wonderful rabbit hole of words and maybe some more… words, or poems, or pictures… with words.

This Blog is about many things, not just parenting or children. Why? Because children aren’t separate from the rest of society and neither are you as their parent or care giver. In fact all adults are really just children, living their lives on a slightly different time line, often processing their own selves with the help of their children. Everything that goes on in your world, your child’s world, in my world, and the World is integral and connected to a greater, freakishly, frankly fantastic whole.,

I hope something on here reaches you, touches you and inspires you to live and love yourself and your little ones just that tiny bit more.

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April 7, 2016

Fickle or Free? What Woman knows.

He who lacks courage to pursue his purpose (and his own commitment to true freedom) will lack the passion to ravage your soul.  Wait for the man who feels you, listens to you, considers everything you have said, and then claims you, taking you to where you couldn’t tell him to take you- even if you tried. – David Deida  The beauty and potency of a woman lies in her complexity.  It resides in her multi-dimensionality, her ability to transcend even the shortest of moments and morph into a million states of BE-ingness. Patriarchy is afraid of this.  When a man says he cannot fathom a woman or sees her as confounding, confronting or problematic she is merely reflecting back to him […]
April 17, 2016

I Can Only Do Deep: The light of darkness.

I Can Only Do Deep. I cannot do superficiality. A surface dweller, a pond skater I cannot be. It seems I can only do deep. Deep seemed heavy I used to run and hide from it Or at best, attempt to secret my deep from the eyes and ears of others Until I realised, That in the dark of deep Lies a light so bright. In the heart of grief Lives a fire so strong A flame that we eternally long for. In the seed of this dark, dank deep Dwells the bud of all that’s new Potentiality, re- birth, great growth. I cannot do superficiality A surface dweller, a pond skater I cannot be. It seems I can only do deep. […]
April 19, 2016

Approval: Pre-curse-er to unconditional love.

Approval.  For me it’s a word that I now realise is a big trigger, a dynamic that has infused my existance and decsion making with its persistant but largely well camoflauged scent. It always houses the potential to unhinge or even destroy my most earnest efforts and coveted ambitions. Our whole existance is cunningly centred around a constant stream of unconscious messaging that gears us to fall unknowingly into the courtroom of life, where an invisible but powerful judge and jury (often with ourselves as the most critical of back benchers) scrutinize our almost every minute move. From the day we are conceived we are committed to a linear timeline that sorts the wheat from the chaff. We are now usually scanned […]
May 14, 2016

Easy always does it. Calling all Soul Fire to the birthing suite.

I always get what I need when I stop and listen to my Inner Being. She’s wise. She’s kind and She’s great at getting what really needs to be done, done. I was pushing through something today that was beginning to feel the opposite of easy. Even my computer was trying to communicate with me: it kept crashing, not saving my work. ( Mercury retrograde might have been working its trickster magic too!) I finally stopped. Gave up and surrendered.Took my stubborn fingers out of my puny ears. (my soul fire doesn’t mince words .Kali can seem like a weak, fluffy, kitten when She who is Me really comes calling!) I recalibrated to allow an easy vibration to take the place of […]