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“A true teacher is not the one with the most knowledge, but the one who causes the most others to have knowledge”  Neale Donald Walsch


Personally, I truly believe children are profound teachers.

From the moment my firstborn caught my eye, seconds after he took his first breath, I was struck by a knowing that he had so much to teach me.  I felt both in awe and unhinged.

The traditional authoritarian model of adult guiding child is part of an old paradigm of parenting that we rapidly releasing.

My immediate complete surrender to the liquid navy blue piecing eye of that Scorpio infant in my arms was the beginning of a journey that has and still does, continue to enrich, enlighten and transform.

Over the last 30 years I have been aware of  an escalating sense that the children coming in now are in many ways more whole, more connected to Truth and Source than ever before.  Some call them Indigo or Crystal children.  What I know and have had  profound experience of, is that they are here to teach us and more importantly show us ways of Being that are more balanced and more aligned with the love that we all are.

The innocence and simplicity of a child’s way is not immature it is Source energy in motion.

You may have noticed that in recent times we witness children and young people who appear to have defied our sense of linear time and “normal” childhood developmental milestones.  There are four year olds that can sing like Amy Winehouse, teenagers who have already invented ways of cleaning our polluted oceans and toddlers who radically highlight our unconscious, accepted desensitisation to violence.

This growing phenomena has perpetually excited and fascinated me.  It made me re-think my teaching methods and kept the dictator out of my own mothering.  I truly believe we are all, no matter our age, co-creators and starseeded colloborators on a journey to love, unity and increased wholeness.

Umbilikids aims to offer a portal to showcase, to bring to light, the bigness, the sovreignity and  pure power of our so called ‘small” people.

Enjoy seeing our young ones take centre stage.

Here’s to our Wayshowers!  Let them be the Light!  Let them lead the way!

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If you have or know a child  or are indeed a young person who has something profound or exciting to show or share contact me at Umbilikids@umbilika.love and we’ll take it from there.