About Umbilika

Parenting for a New Reality.

Navigating childhood from a heart centered, co-creative, New Paradigm space.

What Umbilika is NOT.

Umbilika is not a “how” to parent website. It is here to offer you inspiration and encouragement to support your interactions with children from a place of love and excitement, rather than provide instructions or dictate.

And now what Umbilika IS.

It is the ‘voice’ of the child at every stage of childhood and also the ‘voice’ of the conscious parent.

It’s here to help you parent your way.  It’s here to help you grow your intuition and make conscious choices.  It’s here to provide information, inspiration and evolution.


Becoming a parent or being responsible to a child, puts us in the driving seat of the most complicated paradox of all times.  It requires us to continually navigate the space between nurturing a child’s’ uniqueness, (being loyal to the Self) whilst staying connected and engaged with society, (fitting in).

Being able to bridge the world of the child and that of the adult is a skill, an attribute, the mindful parent reaches for.  Umbilika supports the dissolution of the illusion of separation that hinders this valuable bridging, for it is key to creating a harmonious, health-full experience for children.

Umbilika provides a multi-dimensional platform; a conduit.  It supports both the bridge we continually traverse when in relationship with children and provides a channel for us to move into the  New Reality, the New Energy, which is gathering momentum.


Why Umbilika?

My experience as a child, as a school teacher, a social researcher and most of all as a mother, was underpinned by this pull to explore and understand children and to investigate from an extensive variety of standpoints, the impact, that the period of life we term childhood, has, upon our entire lives. (My Story)

Childhood never leaves us. It is not merely a section of time from 0-18 that can be separated from the rest of our lives. It continues to weave itself in and out of our experiences on a daily basis, influencing our decisions, our efficacy and most importantly our sense of Self.

Umbilika believes most passionately that each one of us lives a life in varying states of connection to our true authentic, uncontaminated, empowered Self.

Dysfunction, distress and even disease arise when this connection to Self, becomes weak, unclear  and disrupted by misaligned beliefs or mismanaged circumstances and events.

Separation from this Source Self starts early. In fact, it starts from the moment we are born or even in utero. The old paradigm ideology of separation has caused humanity much havoc and pain for centuries.

Culture, religious beliefs, education, parental heritage, our environment and the opinions and behaviour of those around children offer the potential of deep impact.

We are now on the brink of birthing a new ideology with Unity Consciousness at its core.   The growth of this more equable experience requires us to re-evaluate our practices and attitudes towards children.

Umbilika is at the leading edge of this co-creative process.

A little history of parenting: Where we came from and where we are going.

The majority of child rearing thus far has been done by women who have had to rely on their innate ability and instinct to protect, nurture and keep alive their offspring. They must be doing something right because there are 7 Billion + of us already!

However, as the Age of Reason fell upon us with its imbalanced preoccupation with science and the Mind, the validity of instinct, of the Heart, took a back seat.  In addition, the unbalanced masculine energy; patriarchy, has dominated for centuries infecting all cultures, religions, institutions and systems.  This created a model for child rearing, that has been paternalistic at best and violent at its worst.

We are moving rapidly towards a new blueprint for Life.  There is an urgent calling to expand our heart space and innate ‘knowing’ so as to keep abreast with this necessary evolution. We are moving from Mind- led to Heart- felt creation. At the forefront of this shift, at the leading edge of this New Paradigm, are our children.

Umbilika is passionate about living, applying and disseminating these evolving perspectives, these ‘new truths’ into the community, so we as a Collective, can come together and ‘parent’ our children, our future, from a place guided by Heart.

Growing a community and consciousness that supports parenting from the heart is not a side salad to the main course of Life.   It is the crucial foundation stone upon which we will be able to co-create a more equable, humane, collective Earth experience.


Core Values.

The Core Values that underpin the approach taken on this site reflect the values that are vital to the successful birthing of the New Paradigm we are all in process of co-creating.  They weave a powerful common thread and  anchor the New Energy.

Umbilika is strongly aligned with a perspective that is:

  • holistic
  • non-dualistic
  • non- linear
  • multi-dimensional

Freedom, love, unity, compassion and dissolving the illusory sense of separation between adults and children whilst keeping them deeply connected to the power of their innate creatorship, are central themes at Umbilika.


What Umbilika?

Through a multi-dimensional lens, Umbilika offers insight on  keeping and  continually re-connecting the child (those in our care and the child within all of us: the Inner Child)  to Source Self.

I investigate through constant enquiry the validity of  ‘norms’ we as a society take for granted or as gospel when it comes to rearing children.

I provide illumination and most likely an alternative perspective on many areas of life that parents will be involved in; education, medicine, social and cultural issues through my Writings and Blog.

Umbilika also offers private in depth consults, and a Q & A  platform where questions  can be posted, answered concisely for free and then shared with the rest of the Umbilika community.

In addition Umbilikids  provides a portal to showcase children and young people who are true Way Showers and teachers of this New Paradigm perspective.

There are a great number of young ‘uns coming into the world now who seem to be deeply connected and aligned  to their potential and Source Self from the get- go. I have come across many children of late who show  the leadership required to bring in fully, the new paradigm.

Youth is expressing compassion passionately in diverse areas such as environmental issues, food and nutrition, concepts of Reality and unprecendented intellectual and emotional intelligence. There are even a whole host of little ones who sing like divas or are creataive genius’s.  Our little ones are cutting to the ‘truth’ of life before they can barely walk; pushing us to re-evaluate and re-consider our ‘norms

It’s exciting to bring these budding stars into the spotlight and support them, as they help us co-create a whole new way of BE-ing.

If you stumble upon one of these wee Way Showers or are one, please get in touch.


Not so trivial trivia. How Umbilika became.

We are literally sparks of god/dess (for those spiritually inclined) or stardust (for those scientifically inclined).

One night, not long after a final blueprint had been created for this site I had a poignant dream.  I still had no name for my online creation.  Nothing seemed to gel.  In this dream however I received the word “Umbilicus”.  I liked it as it had strong links with the umbilical cord that connects a baby to its’ mother in utero; a pretty good symbol for the work I planned to do on the site.

The following morning I researched the word and Google ironically led me to a site that detailed the story of the Oracle of Delphi who sat at the ‘umbilicus’ of the World. This geographical spot was chosen by two eagles, one that flew in from the West and one from the East. Where they met became the centre, the umbilicus of the World where the Oracle of Delphi sat.  I found that fact ironic; as I myself am the offspring of East and West, and exciting as I do beleive that the insight I receive is of an oracular, mystic nature.

Later again that day in a meditation the word UmbiliKA came to me.  It felt good.  I looked it up. Nothing.  Then I randomly decided to research the word KA.  KA is the Ancient Egyptian word for the god spark, the life force that enters every child at birth: some call this Spirit. Ka is part of the better known word Meerkaba: the divine light vehicle used to connect with and tune into higher realms.    Perfect synchronicity!  A perfect name to illustate the concept of Umbilika!


A Final Word.

I endeavour to offer my perspectives and services from a non -judgemental, non dualistic, unified place. As in the whole of life, we are always on path, we are creation in motion, we can never get it all ‘right’ or indeed all ‘wrong’ and most aptly from a parenting perspective it is never ‘done’.. Parenting and being responsible for children really illustrates powerfully that life is truly a non linear experience. Once you are a parent there is no end line!

I hope that this site offers a place to feel safe, a place to express and share experiences and perspectives.

The only proviso I have for this site is that those who visit it and share, do so from a place of heart. Please use only that part of you that is Love. This is what our children and We, need most of all.

In- joy!